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Caring for land and a way of life in Southern Maine

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      The Francis Small Heritage Trust is classified as a 501(C)(3) organization by the I.R.S. so that your donation is tax-deductible.   (Please check with your accountant if you have tax questions.)

      Donations are very much appreciated.   The Trust has no paid staff and no rented office space, so most of the money that the Trust receives is used for direct program expenses.   In general, less than four percent of the Trust's gross receipts are spent for fundraising and overhead expenses.   Several parcels still have monthly mortgage expenses, and we look forward to the day when the protection of those properties is complete.   Your gift also lets donor foundations know that the Trust has local support, which can lead to future grants.   The Francis Small Heritage Trust has qualified as required by 009 MRS, Chapter 385 and is licensed as a charitable organization (License # CO1163).

Donate online or use the printed form below with a mailed check.
If you donate online, please be sure to let us know your mailing address on the contact form so that we will be able to send you our annual newsletter!


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      Please mail your check made out to the Francis Small Heritage Trust to:

  Francis Small Heritage Trust, Inc.  
PO Box 414
Limerick, ME 04048

      The Trust welcomes volunteers!   We have many ways in which you can volunteer to help the Trust's goals.   Here are a few ideas we have for ways in which you could help us with your time and effort:

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