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Jagolinzer Preserve

Pease Brook - Photo Credit: Eric Matthews
Pease Brook as viewed from the Jagolinzer Preserve

      The twenty-acre Jagolinzer Preserve is located in Limington off of Route 25 just east of the Cornish town line.   The area offers a beautiful brook, waterfall, old dam, wetlands, forest, and frontage on the Saco River.   A sign one-half mile west of the junction of Route 25 and 117 marks the start of the right-of-way to the nature area.   The sign is located at the junction of Route 25 and Olive's Way.   The area is available during daylight hours for hiking, nature study, and other low-impact activities such as cross-country skiing.   If you picnic in the preserve, please carry out your trash and leave the flora and fauna as you find it.   Motor and wheeled vehicles are not allowed in the preserve at anytime (except for mobility access).

      To enter the preserve, walk 250 feet down the right-of-way on Olive's Way, and then at the second sign angle to the left and walk an additional 500 feet.   A stonewall marks the boundary line of the property.   Approximately 45 minutes are required to walk the loop trail that passes the old dam, the brook, and the river.

      Trail descriptions and maps are also available on the Maine Trail Finder website.


The loop trail is marked by small turtle signs like this:

Trail marker
Trail sign

Access sign
Sign 250 feet from the road.
Trail sign to the waterfall
Sign to the waterfall

      To open a new window with a MapQuest location map showing the trailhead, click here.   Then click on "Zoom Out" to cover a larger area.

      The Jagolinzer Preserve was made possible by the generous donation of an easement on the property by Dr. Philip Jagolinzer.   The purpose of the easement is to preserve the natural character of the area for plants, animals, and non-intrusive human activities.

      In 2002, Limington Boy Scout Troop #315 marked the trails in the preserve.   Then in 2003 as part of his Eagle Scout project, Eric Matthews further blazed the trails, removed trash, and built a bridge across a wet area near the river.   In 2010, Bonny Eagle Learning Center students erected signage in the preserve.

Map of the Jagolinzer Preserve

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