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Press Release April 26, 2007:
Maine State Legislature recognizes two Trust Directors, and
Governor Baldacci proclaims:

Sherwood and J. Lorraine Libby
Day, Thursday, April 26, 2007

Augusta, Maine
      The Maine State Legislature honored Trust Directors Sherwood and Lorraine Libby of Limington today in a Legislative Sentiment ceremony.   Speaker of the House Glenn Cummings presented the sentiment.   Senator Jon Courtney of York, Representative Philip Cressey of Cornish, and Senator Bill Diamond of Cumberland cosponsored the following action:

     Sherwood and J. Lorraine Libby, of Limington, for their more than 40 years of tireless work to protect Maine's environment and preserve our natural heritage.   Mr. and Mrs. Libby have worked as a team to make major contributions to conservation in Maine.   In 1966, they helped secure passage of the legislation that protects the Allagash Waterway.   In 1971, they labored to secure passage of the legislation creating the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission, known as LURC.   They also worked for the establishment of the Saco River Corridor Commission.   In 1990, Mr. and Mrs. Libby became founding directors of the Francis Small Heritage Land Trust, which owns and preserves 1,400 pristine acres in the Sawyer Mountain Highlands for public use and enjoyment.   Mr. Libby has served as commissioner for LURC, has been chair of the Shoreland Zoning Task Force, served on the Saco River Corridor Commission and has been an affiliated director of the Natural Resources Council of Maine.   Mrs. Libby has served on the Limington Planning Board and the Limington Comprehensive Planning Committee.   We acknowledge their dedicated service to their community and to the State of Maine, and we send them our appreciation for their good works;"

Photo credit H. Wallis
Trust Directors Lorraine and Sherwood Libby receive Legislative Sentiment
from Speaker of the House, Glenn Cummings.

Governor Baldacci proclaims April 26, 2007 as:

Sherwood and J. Lorraine Libby

State of Maine Proclamation
   WHEREAS, the State of Maine acknowledges the dedication and stewardship of Sherwood and J. Lorraine Libby through their environmental service to their State; and
   WHEREAS, their conservation efforts have spanned more than 40 years; and
   WHEREAS, their contributions to the passage of legislation in Maine have aided in the formation of both the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission and the Saco River Corridor Commission; and
   WHEREAS, the protection and preservation of thousands of acres across the state can be attributed either entirely, or in some part, to the work of these individuals; and
   WHEREAS, they are deserving of a day of recognition for their involvement in the communities and for their commitment to the many boards, commissions and task forces on which they have served,
   NOW, THEREFORE, I JOHN E. BALDACCI, Governor of the State of Maine, do hereby proclaim April 26th, 2007 as
   throughout the State of Maine and urge all citizens to recognize this observance.
   In testimony whereof, I have caused the Great Seal of the State to be hereunto affixed GIVEN under my hand at August this twenty-fifth day of April Two Thousand and Seven.
   John E. Baldacci Governor

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