Protected Properties

Bald Ledge:

The Bald Ledge overlook in Porter, Maine commands an inspirational view of Colcord and Bickford Ponds and the surrounding hills, so it is no surprise that the trail from the north end of Colcord Pond to the promontory above is a favorite of local hikers.

Gould Island:

Gould Island, in the middle of the Saco River between Baldwin and Limington, was donated to the Francis Small Heritage Trust by Jo Peirce. This 9.5-12 acre island is covered with a mixed hardwood forest; the tracks of deer, raccoon and bobcat have recently been found there. The only access is by boat (river conditions permitting) or by wading the river when the flow is low. It is just downstream from the spot where high voltage lines cross the river.

Ingalls Pond:

The Ingalls Pond Conservation Area is a complex of interconnected shallow ponds, marshes and swamp lands with “islands” of forested land and many man-made features that have “reconstructed” the ponds during centuries of use. Bisected by the Pequawket Trail (Route 113) in Baldwin, Maine, it is one of the primary highlights of this Scenic Byway.

The Heath:

The Trust is very grateful to Tom and Edie Sisson for the generous donation of a public access easement on 188 acres of land in Limerick and Cornish near Route 5. The Heath (pronounced “Haith”) contains a beautiful wetland and at least seven rare plant species.

Jagolinzer Preserve:

The twenty-acre Jagolinzer Preserve is located in Limington off of Route 25 just east of the Cornish town line. The area offers a beautiful brook, waterfall, old dam, wetlands, forest, and frontage on the Saco River. The area is available during daylight hours for hiking, nature study, and other low-impact activities such as cross-country skiing.

Poulin Preserve:

The Trust is very grateful to Muriel Poulin of Springvale for her generous donation of 19 acres of land in Limerick, between Clark’s Bridge Road and the Little Ossipee River.

Sawyer Mountain Highlands:

This approximately 1400-acre parcel owned by the Trust contains the summit and most of the slopes of 1215-feet-high Sawyer Mountain, as well as some wetlands below. Only 22 miles from Maine’s largest city, Portland, the land lies within the largest unfragmented block of undeveloped forest area remaining in York and Cumberland counties, and is open for hiking, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling (on existing trails), and cross-country skiing.

Conservation Easements:

The Francis Small Heritage Trust also holds several conservation easements on private property, including: The Piper-Pomeroy Farm, The Charles E. Cole Farm, The Chadbourne-Hanscom Farm and The Chadbourne-Hutchinson Overlook.

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If you are interested in donating an easement to protect your own property for future generations, please contact the Trust.