Gould Island

Gould Island, in the middle of the Saco River between Baldwin and Limington, was generously donated to the Francis Small Heritage Trust by Jo Peirce of Baldwin. Officially in Baldwin, with Limington on the westerly shore, it is located about 4 miles downstream from the Route 5 bridge across the Saco that runs from Cornish to Baldwin, just downstream from where power lines cross the river. The island can only be reached by boat (river conditions permitting) or by wading the river when the flow is low.

Gould Island is about 9.5-12 acres in area, and about a half mile long by 200-300 feet wide, all of it in the “flood plain” status area. Totally undeveloped, it has a mixed hardwood forest. A visit several years ago showed tracks of deer, raccoon and bobcat. The north up-stream end collects branches and trees during the spring run-off. There are some gentle sandy beach areas on the Limington side while on the Baldwin side, the bank is steep down to the water. While there are no official trails, it is easy to walk the perimeter of the island as well as visit the forested interior. There are multiple inlets which provide excellent habitat for plants, animals, insects, and aquatic life.

Gould Island, Liming on the left, Gould Island on the right
Gould Island looking downstream. All the land on the left side of the photograph is Gould Island.