Sawyer Mountain Highlands

The Trust owns approximately 1400 acres on Sawyer Mountain. The land is open for public use for hiking, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling on existing trails, and cross-country skiing. The Sawyer Mountain Highlands are located in the largest unfragmented block of undeveloped forested areas in York and Cumberland counties. This is especially significant since the Highlands are only 22 miles from Portland, the largest urban area in Maine.

Sawyer Mountain Trail Map (pdf download):  Sawyer Mountain Map

One access is via the discontinued Sawyer Mountain Road, which is a trail that starts from Route 117 in Limington. The Trust has provided a small (daytime use) parking area; hiking maps are available in a map box there. The trailhead is located at a sharp turn in Route 117, 2.5 miles south of the junction of Routes 25 and 117, or 2.4 miles north of the junction of Routes 11 and 117.

52D963B5-242B-4AA5-8388-0E73ED1741EF-2762-000004AE2E9545AA_tmpThe mountain is also accessible from the Limerick side, starting at the Sawyer Mountain Road, 1.1 miles north of Emerys Corner. The Trust has a small (daytime use) parking area on the right side of the road. Hikers can either access the mountain via the Sawyer Mountain Road or use the beautiful new Smith trail through the woods which starts at the back of the parking area. The trail joins the road futher up the mountain.

Please note that, except for handicapped access, wheeled vehicles are not permitted on Trust properties except in the parking areas. Also, please leave intact any historical artifacts that may be found in the old foundations and cemeteries located on Trust lands. Please carry out what you carry in so that the next visitor may also enjoy the Highlands. Please do not cut any vegetation.

B50048AF-1D9D-47E0-BEB5-1A1AA15F4B40-2762-000004AA7E1D17D1_tmpSigns and Trail Markers

Major trail junctions are marked with wooden signs.
The main trails are also marked by small wooden signs with a carved yellow turtle.

Acquisition History

The Trust has purchased 17 different parcels to create the Sawyer Mountain Highlands. These acquisitions have been made possible by generous donations from individuals and foundations. Major Trust supporters include the Land for Maine’s Future Program, Sweet Water Trust, Davis Conservation Fund, Norcross Conservation Fund, Maine Community Foundation, Fields Pond Foundation, the Aristotle Fund, the Betterment Fund, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Gerrish Island Fund, the Rolde family, Ms. Mary Merrill, Richard Spencer, and many others. The map on this page shows the years that parcels have been added.

  • 1996 Purchased three parcels in Limington and Limerick plus the top of Sawyer Mountain. *
  • 1997 Purchased outright three more parcels in Limerick totaling 134 acres. *
  • 1998 Purchased outright an additional 40 acres in Limerick containing a woodland waterfall and gorge. *
  • 1998 Acquired the 287-acre Webster parcels in Limington fronting on Route 117. This land protects important wildlife habitat as well as the scenic beauty of the road. We have mortgage obligations on these parcels.
  • 1999 Purchased a 45-acre parcel along the (private) Hale road and adjacent to our original acquisitions. *
  • 2001 Purchased the 82-acre Everett Libby parcel. *
  • 2003 Purchased 332 acres in three parcels with help from the Land for Maine’s Future Program. This acquisition connected all of the existing Sawyer Mountain Highlands into a single contiguous area. *
  • 2005 Purchased 42 acres on the Sawyer Mountain Road in Limerick. This is also the location of the new parking area. The seller agreed to sell this property at below market value in order to help the Trust. Both the purchase and the parking area were made possible by the Land for Maine’s Future program. *
  • 2005 Purchased 291 acres in Limington. The Shaving Hill Road runs through this parcel and hikers may park along the road. The seller agreed to sell this property at below market value in order to help the Trust. The Land for Maine’s Future Program also made this purchase possible. *
  • 2008 Purchased 15 acres in Limington. *
  • 2011 Purchased 30 acres in Limerick. This parcel has a nice height of land with ledges and mature forest (elevation 1086 feet). The purchase of this property was made possible by a grant from the Sweet Water Trust. *

Please contact the Trust if you own land that you would like to see added to the protected areas.

* These parcels have the additional protection of a forever-wild conversavation easement held by the Green Mountain Conservation Group.