Conservation Easements

The Francis Small Heritage Trust holds several conservation easements on private property. Since the properties are held in private hands, they are not necessarily open for public access. There is significant public benefit, however, since development is restricted. Conservation land generally returns far more in benefits than the properties require in municipal services, so that towns with conserved lands usually have a lower tax rate for all. In addition, conserved lands provide for wildlife corridors and sustained agriculture. Please respect the privacy of the owners like you would do with any private property.

The Piper-Pomeroy Farm

Map of Piper Pomeroy Farm
Map of Piper Pomeroy Farm

In December, 2001, a conservation-minded landowner, David Chipman signed the papers which designated the Trust the holder of a conservation easement on the lion’s share of a 140+ acre property in Parsonsfield. Mr. Chipman and his wife Kathe purchased this land, the so-named Piper-Pomeroy Farm, in 1998 from Wayne and Karen Moulton.

Mr. Chipman said he was motivated to make this gift because he wanted to make sure most of the land remains undeveloped for wildlife habitat. A “farmstead parcel” of approximately 33 acres is not included in the easement. Since the December signing, the entire 140+ acres have been sold twice. The easement, of course, remains in place despite the change of ownership.

One of the significant values of this land from the Trust’s perspective is that it is contiguous to the 8,600 acre Leavitt Plantation, the result of the Nature Conservancy’s purchase of an easement. Thus it represents one more bead in a “green belt” necklace stretching from the New Hampshire border to Sebago Lake.

The Charles E. Cole Farm

In the spring of 2006, Mary Elizabeth Cori-Jones donated a conservation easement and stewardship funds to protect the 60-acre Charles E. Cole Farm in Hiram.   The parcel contains forest, wetlands, and farmlands and provides both open space and wildlife benefits.

The Chadbourne-Hanscom Farm
The Chadbourne-Hutchinson Overlook

In 2007, conservation easements on two adjacent properties in Waterboro were donated to the Trust, along with significant stewardship funds to ensure their continued protection. Linda Hanscom donated a easement on 66.8 acres of the Chadbourne-Hanscom Farm. Alfred and Edithanne Hutchinson donated an easement on 8.5 acres of the Chandbourne-Hutchinson Overlook. The lands contain woodlands, farmlands, streams, and wetlands.

If you are interested in donating an easement to protect your own property for future generations, please contact to Trust.